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This page describes how to access the test entry website and how to login.

Accessing Your Website
You will be given the "web address" aka "URL" by the water purveyor you are entering tests for.

A typical "URL" will look like "http://backflow.mycity.org"

Every City will have a different "URL" address.

Type the address in the address bar of your favorite "Web Browser"


"Internet Explorer"

User Log-In
Once you are at your site you need to log-in

Your login page will look like the example below

Click Tester Log-In
If you are a backflow tester, click the "Tester Log-In" Button

Type Login Information

1. Your "User Name"

2. Your "Password"

XC2 Web's Main Navigation Page
Once logged in, you will have access to XC2 Web's Main Navigation Page

Here you will have a Variety of different options

1. You may "Enter Backflow Test Results".

2. You may view previous backflow tests (entered by you or your company) by clicking "View Backflow Test History".

3. Change your login info (for example your user name, password, email address, company name or company phone number), click "Log-in Information".

4. Change your contact info (for example your name, company name/address or phone number), click "Contact Information".

5. Change or edit your Tester License and/or Tester Insurance info, click "Licenses and Insurance".

6. Change/edit the information on its list of testers (for example tester name, address, phone number, certification date/expiration), click "Tester List".

7. Change your test kit information (for example company name, test kit manufacturer, serial and/or model number, date calibrated), click "Test Kit List".

Click the following link to learn how to enter backflow test results:

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