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5 - Paying For Test Entries
5 - Paying For Test Entries
After you have entered tests online, the item will appear in your shopping cart.

You may make a payment after the test has been entered or wait and pay for
them later.

Note: Payment for online tests must be made within a 7 days of test entry.

You will notice a green shopping cart on the XC2LIVE! pages. If there is a line through the cart, then
No payment is needed.

Click on the cart to go to payment center

Payment Page

Payment page contains a listing of test entries that have not been paid for yet

Information listed on this page;

Remove test from payment list option
Item/s selected for payment
Water organization code
Facility Name
Service Address
Backflow serial number
Date of tests
Amount of charges

Click the Proceed to Payment button

Payment Verification

This page shows the tests that you are about to submit payment for.

Click Enter CC# and submit payment $$$ button

Credit Card Information

If you have already entered an online payment and entered your credit card, your information will be listed.

If this is the first time you have submitted payent, fill all required areas.

Check I Am Not A Robot

Payment Confirmation

If payment is accepted, you will get a payment confirmation for your records.

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