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First Contact - Getting Your Login Account From XC2Live!

1 - First Contact - Getting your login account from XC2LIVE!

XC2Live! Password Reset Email

When a User Account is created in XC2Live!, a Password Reset Email is emailed to the User.
The email comes from netadmin@xc2live.net.

When the email is received, the new User should click one of the highlighted links to continue to the next step.

Password Resets have a 24 hour time limit. If it has passed the Expiration Date, there is another link to request a new password reset.

Creating A New Password

Once the Password Reset link has been clicked, a web page will open.
The user must type in a new password.

Password must contain at least one Uppercase Character and number,
Password must also be between 6 and 16 characters long.

After typing in a new password, click the Submit button.

Log In Screen

After clicking the Submit button, the user will be sent to the XC2LIVE.net main page.
Click the Log In button to type in your user name and password, and get started in

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