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WEB - Viewing Backflow Test History XC2Live New Feature
This page describes how to view, print and export test information online.

Click the View Backflow Test History Button

Export to Excel
Perform a search to get a list of Test History

Then click the "Export to Excel" button

Select Save or Open

Excel will open the list of test history

To View a Test Report
Click on a Test you want to view

Report Detail - Printing
The completed report will be displayed.

Click the "Print" button to show the report as a PDF in your web browser.

NOTE: You will need to have the correct version and configuration of PDFCreator installed on XC2 Server in order to do this.

The KnowledgeBase page for PDFCreator installation is below:

Printed Report to PDF
Click on the "Print" button to Print the Report
Will print to a PDF and display in your browser.
The Report will display in the appropriate format for the Test that you selected.

You can download or print this to your printer.
There will be controls for doing this, depending upon which browser you are using.

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